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Equipment Grants

Purchase of new items

The purchase of items of equipment is not a high priority for the Trust, however, Trustees are willing to consider applications for urgently-needed new equipment where:

  • The equipment is of major strategic value to the University or new equipment for teaching
  • the equipment will have multiple uses, for more than one lab or Department and
  • is not otherwise available in Cambridge
  • at least two-thirds of the cost has been secured from other sources
  • there will normally be large-scale external funding and
  • an internal contribution, largely from the Departments concerned

The Trust is also willing to give a loan for equipment and for technical support in cases where applicants can be confident that these costs can be repaid from future external grants.

The Trust does not encourage applications for equipment grants in connection with projects that are funded by the Research Councils (applicants should instead apply to the University Capital Fund).

Use of shared resources

The Trustees will also consider requests for assistance with unavoidable costs of use of shared equipment where:

  • usage is charged at the 'internal' rate (where such exists);
  • such costs are excluded from  the applicant's grant funding;
  • the applicant's Head of Department makes a strong case as to why the usage cannot be subsidised in full by the Department (as might be hoped for early career researchers lacking their own grant funding for this purpose)

Equipment Grants FAQs

Is there a cap on the amount I can apply for?

Trustees expect to contribute no more than one third and have not  normally made grants of more than about £50k where the purchase price is £200k+

How to apply

 If the equipment purchase/usage is needed for a specific research project, then the application should follow the pattern of an application for a Project Grant. If you have any questions about the eligibility of your request, please contact the Director


Forthcoming closing dates

Newton Trust Research Grants The Easter Term 2017 round has now closed.  The Michaelmas Term round will open in early October for late November decisions. Please note that we have new instructions for applicants -  see the Research Grants tab for details.


Trustees' meeting dates

Thursday 30 November 2017 at 4pm

Thursday 15 March 2018 at 4pm

Monday 2 July 2018 at 3pm

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