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Support for students Overview

Graduate studentships and bursaries

The Trust does not itself offer graduate studentships. 

However, it is a major contributor to the CHESS scheme run by the Student Registry: the Isaac Newton Trust, in partnership with named Colleges, provides a substantial number of bursaries of up to £12,000 to UK students undertaking MPhil courses with the intention of continuing to a PhD (our sister foundation, the Cambridge Trust supports EU students - please see the CHESS webpage).

 The INT also contributes to PhD studentships through CHESS and through the current AHRC Doctoral training Programme.

 Please note that the Trust does NOT provide support for research costs of PhD students.


Cambridge Bursary Scheme

The Isaac Newton Trust contributes to the cost of the Cambridge Bursary schemes for undergraduates, along with the University and its colleges. These schemes award bursaries to nearly 3000 undergraduate students every year, on a sliding scale depending on their household income.

Please visit

The Student Registry administers the Cambridge Bursary Scheme. However, up to July 2015, the Isaac Newton Trust provided the administration, providing continuity with the Newton Trust Bursary Scheme, which the current scheme replaced in 2006.

The Student Registry provides information to College staff involved in the administration of the Cambridge Bursary Scheme via a dedicated CamTOOLS site.


Internship bursaries (undergraduates)

The Newton Trust also contributes to the bursary scheme run by the University Careers Service, which funds bursaries for undergraduates undertaking work as interns in the summer vacation. Bursaries are available in three areas: media, arts and heritage and not-for-profit organisations. The aim of the scheme is to make internships affordable for students who could not otherwise work on the terms offered, and priority is often given to students in receipt of a Cambridge Bursary.

Further details about the scheme are available on the University Careers Service website.