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Isaac Newton Trust


From 2016, the ESRC has replaced its 'Future Research Leaders' fellowships with:

1)      Postdoc fellowships, associated with the ESRC DTP, giving new PhD holders a platform for establish themselves, by publishing their doctoral work for example;

2)      New Investigators Grants –  these are grants, rather than individual fellowships, and successful persons are supported to build a team as a new PI.

Unlike the FRL scheme, neither of these new programmes requires institutional matching funding. However, the Isaac Newton Trust is willing to consider applications for a Project Grant from successful candidates for the ESRC New Investigators grants to be held in the University of Cambridge with a view to making a contribution to a specific project. Such applications will be in straight competition with non-ESRC grant holders.


The Isaac Newton Trust has supported a number of ESRC Future Research Leaders over the past decade; the last cohort complete their fellowships in 2018.