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If your candidate is successful - managing LECF awards

Setting up the grant

As soon as we know the results,  we will write to you and to the successful candidate to confirm the starting date and salary and set in motion the process of paying the INT contribution.

The Research Office will manage the INT contribution by setting up a grant in the department/faculty/institute.


Leverhulme will contact you annually to ask for the exact amount of the salary + on costs of your LECF.  Leverhulme will pay 50% of this (up to their stated cap). The INT should be invoiced for the remaining 50%  - this is currently managed by the Research Office.

Salary funding cannot be rolled over from year to year, so if the costs exceed the Leverhulme + INT cap towards the end of the grant, you cannot use underspends in the previous year(s) to cover the difference; you will need to fund any such difference from another source.

If any funding remains in the INT grant at the end of the LECF, this must be returned to the INT.

Research support

Leverhume offer research support to their Fellows. This funding belongs to the LECF and can be rolled over from one year to the next.  INT does not offer any contribution to research funding.

If your LECF leaves during the course of the award

Please let Leverhulme Trust AND the Isaac Newton Trust know right away so that we can adjust our payments.

We always wish to know what our LECFs do next, so please ask them to make sure they provide us with this information and  final report.


Please note that the INT contribution cannot be transferred to another institution for the completion of an LECF elsewhere.

If you are approached by an LECF who has been awarded an LECF at another institution and wishes to transfer to Cambridge (and is therefore in need of Cambridge matching funding), please contact the Director.

Forthcoming closing dates

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships 2018 - successful candidates and reserves in the internal competition have now been informed (national deadline = 1 March 2018)

Newton Trust Research Grants (all categories)  - the Lent Term 2018 round is now closed. The July 2018  timetable can be found here.

Cambridge Humanities Research Grants (CHRGs) 2017-18 Lent Term round  is now OPEN - the deadline is 1 March 2018

Recent deadlines

College Teaching Officer Research Leave - the 2018 Round is now closed.

INT/Schools of Physical Sciences & Technology (start-up grants for new University Lecturers) - the 2018 round is now closed

INT/Wellcome Trust ISSF/Schools of Biological Sciences and Clinical Medicine (start-up grants for new University Lecturers and PIs) - the 2018 round is now closed

Trustees' meeting dates

Thursday 15 March 2018 at 4pm

Monday 2 July 2018 at 3pm

Thursday 29 November 2018 at 4pm

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