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The Isaac Newton Trust is in close contact with the Leverhulme Trust and has aligned its policies regarding the COVID-19 crisis so far as possible.  The Leverhulme Trust has updated its policy in February 2023. 

Please note:  The Leverhulme Trust expects that Fellows admitted during the 2021 round will have taken account of the impact of restrictions and will have been written with appropriate contingencies in place for their continuance or resumption.  No requests for costed extensions will therefore be considered for awards that arise from Fellows admitted during the 2021 round or later.

The maximum that can be applied for is 12 months (this limit is set by the Leverhulme Trust), but this would require a very exceptional case;  most extensions are for 3-6 months.

2  LECFs should apply only when they are in a position to be clear about the length of an extension and the cost involved; this will normally not be till you are within 6 months of the end of your award.

3  Fellows should apply only for the months needed to compensate for an actual period of time lost due to COVID, not what they think is needed to complete their planned programme of work. The following considerations should be taken into account in calculating the time lost:

  • When did the disruption start? and when was it possible to resume research? Give actual dates.
  • Some researchers may have been prevented completely from working due to shut-downs, restricted access to machines or sources, illness, childcare, or a combination of these, while others have been able to carry on with elements of their work part-time; any such variation should be described in the application. N.B. Trustees do not expect, or want, to receive any private personal information, so please do not include this.
  • Where it has been possible to carry out some research, but for less than 100% of the time, do not write off the whole period, but provide details in the application and calculate the time needed to compensate for this partial loss accordingly.

Where it has not been able to resume research fully, please tell us why and provide information on when this might be remedied (you might need to discuss this with your Head of institution)

Estimate the total time lost to the nearest whole month (rounding up).

Note that the maximum grant per annum IT and Leverhulme can each provide is £25,000 including on-costs, if this is exceeded over a 12-month extension the difference will need to be made up by the host institution.

The INT asks your Head of Department or Faculty to endorse your estimate of time needed and to confirm the actual cost of the salary, so please discuss your case with him/her.

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