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The Trust accepts applications from the Host Institutions listed.

Applications are submitted to the relevant Host Institution in the first instance.

Your internal nominations process

► You will need to set a suitable deadline for receipt of applications from candidates to work in your institution.

In view of the extreme competitiveness of the Leverhulme Fellowships:

  • only forward to the Trust those applications who have the strongest chance of success;
  • in most cases this will be one or two at most per ranking unit;
  • units, however large, should submit no more than three applications to the Trust

► NEW for this year:

The Trustees of the INT have agreed to ask if any PI or Host Institutions in the Science and Technology Schools have any funds they are willing to commit to sharing the institutional cost of an award. The Trust would be glad to know if you would be able to fund the first year of the institutional salary contribution (up to £25k including on costs) on the understanding that the INT would pledge the cost of the institutional share of years 2 and 3.  Offering a contribution is NOT a prerequisite for seeking INT funding for your candidate, but host contributions will enable us to extend the number of offers we can make.

► Please read the notes and further explanation of this proposal here.

Submitting your application(s) to Isaac Newton Trust

The deadline for receipt by the Trust is 13 January 2020.  Late applications will not be considered.

You will be informed of the outcome within four weeks, so that the result will be known in good time for the national application deadline for the Leverhulme Trust (27 February 2020).

Applications to the Isaac Newton Trust should consist of:

Please send a single pdf for each selected candidate, with the required documents in the order listed below, to:

  1. host checklist to include estimates of the salary + on costs for the three years of the award (needed by INT for budgeting purposes) and (NEW for this year) whether or not the PI or Host Institution is willing to commit funding the first year salary contribution for  this candidate on the understanding that the Trust will fund years 2 and 3;
  2. the application materials submitted by the selected candidate (a coversheet, cv, list of publications, two statements of research (a statement of current research, and, the research the candidate intends to undertake as an LECF), and two references sent directly to you from referees)
  3. your score sheet (questionnaire) for the candidate (needed for the internal competition only)
  4. a covering letter from the Head of the Host Institution indicating
  • a ranked list of up to three applicants
  • the total number of applications received
  • information on how the ranking has been produced (e.g. by your own ranking committee)

***Please DO NOT send paper copies of each application.*** 

The Trust will make check the eligibility of applicants under the Leverhulme rules and pass eligible applications to the relevant academic committee.  These committees comprise senior academics representing the Schools and will nominate candidates for an INT award.

Important Note re Contribution Cap:  Please note that where the salary costs exceed £50,000 (including on costs) in any one year, the difference will need to be met by the Host Institution concerned.

COVID-19 Updated Information

The Trustees of the Isaac Newton Trust have agreed a number of guiding principles for their response to problems resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our Awards

The Trust has provided support for research projects across the University, as well as making major interventions to enable strategic projects that offer considerable long-term benefit to the University since 1988.

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