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Name Research Subject Department
Hjoerdis Becker-Lindenthal Kierkegaard’s Reception of Johannes Tauler. Rheno-Flemish Mysticism and its Existential Reinterpretation Divinity
Franck Courbon Keeping data secret using hardware-rooted device security Computer Laboratory
Kristaps Ermanis Reaction Invention and Smart Catalyst Design from Computation and Experiment  Chemistry
Calbert Graham Can non-native speech identify a criminal? Automatic native language: identification by computational speech error analysis Modern & Medieval Languages and Linguistics
Diarmuid Hester An original investigation of waste’s impact on New York cultural production in the twentieth century English
Eszter Kovacs Dependency and diversity: the role of local government and finance in farming and conservation in Eastern Europe Geography
Emma Loftus Coastal Origins: Our earliest occupation of the shoreline Archaeology & Anthropology
Nathaniel Miller The Poetics of Sunnism: Arabic Literary Networks in the Crusades-Era Mediterranean Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Burcu Ozcelik Resurgence or resilience? Religious nationalism, democracy and violence POLIS
Olga Petri Beastly St. Petersburg: humans and other animals in imperial Russia Geography
Ubaid Ali Qadri Optimizing ignition in unsteady reacting flows  Engineering
Reuben Rideaux Perceiving in depth: the intersection of minds and machines Psychology
Romans Vaters Nationalist anti-Zionism in Israel: the making of a dissident ideology Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Jinqing Wu Anticlerical literature and the social status of Chinese Buddhist clerics from the sixteenth to the twentieth century Asian & Middle Eastern Studies