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In general, the Trust attaches great importance to a project's ability to gain external funding. This is partly to attract funding to the University wherever possible, but also because this often can be a measure of the project’s quality and/or strategic importance. 

In principle, therefore, the majority of Trust Research Grants are conditional upon raising funds from sources outside Cambridge of at least the amount of the Trust’s grant.

The Trustees are willing to consider requests to vary or even set aside this condition in some circumstances, especially for an application for emergency bridging funding.

However, for applications without external funds, the Trust will normally expect the Department to make a significant contribution (of about 50% of the total cost).

FAQs – Matching Funding

Does the additional funding have to match the INT funding exactly 50:50?

No, but the more that can be secured from the other source, the better.

In what circumstances would the Trust vary or waive this requirement?

An early-career postdoctoral fellow without access to future external funding who is applying for an INT Research Grant might be exempted, but the INT cap on the Trust's contribution would remain the same. In the case of a PI applying for a short emergency bridge for an early career postdoctoral worker, the requirement for matching funds might also be relaxed, although it is hoped that the Department might offer support in such cases.

I do not have funding from external sources - will the Trustees require the Department to provide support?

Applicants need positive support from their Department and some financial commitment, where such is possible, for salary components or for essential consumables to be used in the project, is a strong indictor of such support.

Does the matching funding have to be explicitly for this project?

Yes, it must relate to the specific project applied for and cannot be retrospective. Funding left over from previous projects does not qualify.

Must I have secured matching funding before applying to the Trust?

Although it is helpful if applicants have secured matching funding before making an application to the Trust, this is not a requirement. However, where matching funds are required, we will confirm our grant only after we receive written evidence of the matching funding having been granted.

If you have other questions on this topic, please contact the Trust.

We will add to these notes and FAQs periodically

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