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  1. high quality and visionary projects
  2. which have already attracted (or are likely to attract) some funding from other sources
  3. innovative research and scholarship, unlikely to be funded from standard sources; for example topics falling between the remit of two Research Councils; interdisciplinary research.
  4. seed-corn, start-up, proof-of-concept funding to get a project off the ground in order to make an application for funding from a standard source and so become self-sustaining in the near future.
  5. the research must be carried out in Cambridge, or if not in Cambridge, should be ancillary or complementary to research in Cambridge (seek advice if in doubt)

Who can apply

  1. PIs or other independent researchers in the University
  2. Early career researchers take priority over established PIs (see also Early Career Researchers tab);
  3. Interdisciplinary Research Centres (IRCs) - the mode of application is different for IRCs – via the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, according to the timetable issued by his office;
  4. All applications must be made through a body that is a recognised part of the University of Cambridge and supported by the Head of Department or equivalent;
  5. The Trustees will not normally support research carried out in externally funded institutes, laboratories etc which are not institutions of the University;
  6. applications from some research-active retired researchers may be considered

What we are looking for

  1. The quality of the project
  2. relevant expertise of the researchers involved
  3. Likelihood of attaining the results in the time available
  4. However, we welcome proposals for genuinely creative and innovative early-stage research and scholarship projects, perhaps too speculative or unconventional to stand much chance of attracting institutional funding
  5. The Referees’ opinions on the above will be particularly important

What we will support

  1. Up to 50% of the cost of a project to no more than £60,000 in total
  2. No more than 3 years duration
  3. Contributions to RA salaries no higher than pt 44 on the single spine
  4. Technician’s salaries are not normally supported, but could be considered if a suitable case is made
  5. Modest contributions to consumables, travel and/or equipment (see also Equipment grants) where they are an integral essential part of the project and cannot be funded from other sources (eg are explicitly excluded from external research grants)



Do I need matching funding for the period of the INT grant?

Yes, normally, but see ‘Purpose’  points 3 & 4

Can well-established PIs apply?

Trustees hope that senior academics who already have programme grants will not need to apply to them for the support of junior researchers, in normal circumstances.  A case must be made if other resources are genuinely unavailable, the project is outstanding, and retention of the individuals is of clear strategic benefit to the Department or lab or the wider Cambridge community.

I am an early career independent researcher – may I apply for help with my own salary for a project?

Not normally (ask if in doubt)

I have held INT grants in the past, will this affect my chance this time?

Possibly. In considering each application, the Trust may take into account the support that it has already committed to the applicant. If you have already secured a grant through our ‘Joint Schools’ programmes, (which are part-funded by the INT) you cannot also apply direct to the Trust in this category for the same project.

Does the Trust support commercial exploitation, publication or outreach?

Generally no (see Guiding Principles), the Trust does not give grants for products for commercial exploitation. It has, however,  given short-term grants to various pro bono projects set up to disseminate the results of University research to a wider educational audience (ask if in doubt)

If you have other questions on this programme, please contact the Trust.

We will add to these notes and FAQs periodically


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