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Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (Dr Hao-Chung Cheng)

Quantum information-theoretic learning

Five-month grant in support of the PI.

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (Professor Geoff Moggridge)

A new polymeric prosthetic valve to treat aortic and mitral valve disease

Partial underwriting over seven months towards the salary costs of a research associate.

Earth Sciences (Professor Richard Harrison)

Characterization of meteorites from a Mars-sized planetary body

One-year grant towards equipment access costs.

Engineering (Dr Colm Durkan)

Evolution of tooth surfaces at the nanoscale due to acid-erosion

Six-month grant in support of a research associate.

Engineering (Dr Athina Markaki)

Magnetically modulated drug release wafers for eradication of post-surgery residual glioblastoma

Eight-month grant for the salary costs of a research associate.

Geography (Professor Christine Lane)

Multi-chronometer dating of climate and ecological change within Africa’s oldest lake

One-year grant towards research costs.

Physics (Dr Melissa Uchida)

DUNE: Are neutrinos responsible for our matter-dominated universe?

Sixteen-month grant in part-support of a research associate.

COVID-19 Updated Information

The Trustees of the Isaac Newton Trust have agreed a number of guiding principles for their response to problems resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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INT Annual Report

INT Accounts

Our Awards

The Trust has provided support for research projects across the University, as well as making major interventions to enable strategic projects that offer considerable long-term benefit to the University since 1988.

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