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Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (Professor Gordon Ogilvie)

Breaking of strongly warped astrophysical discs

Six-month bridging grant in support of a research associate.


Chemistry (Dr Jessica Iegre)

Development of an integrated microfluidic platform for the generation and screening of therapeutic peptides for intracellular targets

A grant for the purchase of a camera and microscope (part of a microfluidic kit).


Chemistry (Professor Angelos Michaelides)

How ice forms on carbon substrates: an atomistic study of ice nucleation

One-year subsistence payment to make up the shortfall in a research associate’s fellowship.


Chemistry (Dr Robert Phipps)

An enantioselective, photocatalytic Giese reaction controlled by a chiral phosphoric acid One-year grant towards the salary costs of a research associate.


Judge Business School (Dr David Stillwell)

Developing a fairness metric for artificial intelligence

Nine-month grant in part-support of a research associate.


Materials Science and Metallurgy (Dr Giuliana Di Martino)

Epitaxial (Doped) HfO2 in RRAMs: optical investigation for highly reliable ferroelectric materials

Eight-month grant for the salary costs of a research associate.


Physics (Dr John Ellis)

The Cavendish Atom Scattering Facility

Underwriting over four months for the salary costs of an instrument scientist.


Physics (Dr Andrew Jardine)

Developing the field of helium microscopy

Six-month bridging grant in part-support of two research associates.


Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics (Dr Po-Ling Loh)

New directions in privacy and robustness

One-year grant towards the salary costs of a research associate.

INT Funding Rounds

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships 2022:

Leverhulme Trust Final Application Deadline: 24 February 2022, 4pm

Candidates notified by the Leverhulme Trust:  May 2022

INT Emergency & Strategic Grants Lent Term 2022:

Emergency & Fellowship Support FINAL Application Deadline:  28 January 2022

Strategic Preliminary Round Application Deadline:  18 February 2022

Trustees' Meeting Dates

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Thursday 7 July 2022

Thursday 24 November 2022

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The Trust has provided support for research projects across the University, as well as making major interventions to enable strategic projects that offer considerable long-term benefit to the University since 1988.

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