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Isaac Newton Trust


The Isaac Newton Trust is in close contact with the Leverhulme Trust and has aligned its policies regarding the COVID-19 crisis so far as possible.  The Leverhulme Trust's policy can be found here:

  • The Leverhulme Trust is willing to provide no-cost extensions and deferrals as needed
  • they are also willing to consider paid extensions where a suitable case is made to compensate for 'lost or severely compromised' research, providing the co-funder (in your case, the INT) is willing to cover the other half of your salary costs
  • The Isaac Newton Trustees have agreed to provide matching salary costs for any extension granted by the Leverhulme Trust for up to three months;  beyond that, the INT's support would be discretionary
  • INT cannot provide funding for research costs

Applications for paid extensions wil be considered by the Leverhulme Trust on a case-by-case basis.  The decision lies with the Leverhulme Trust and not the Isaac Newton Trust.

How to apply for a paid extension:

  1. The Leverhulme Trust ask that you make your application only when you are in a position to be clear about the length of the extension needed and the costs involved
  2. wait till you are within twelve months of the end of the LECF (this means that the Leverhulme Trust is only considering final-year LECFs at the moment;  LECFs in later cohorts may be considered in future if they have not been able to recover the loss of research time)
  3. Contact the Leverhulme Trust and complete the form they provide for your use
  4. Copy this correspondence to the Isaac Newton Trust
  5. INT will provide you with a letter of support agreeing to match any salary extension granted by the Leverhulme Trust for up to three months
  6. Send the INT letter to the Leverhulme Trust with your application
  7. If a paid extension of more than three months is provisionally agreed by the Leverhulme Trust, INT will ask you for full details of your case and will consider matching this longer extension
  8. When you have heard the final outcome of your application to the Leverhulme Trust please send a copy of their decision to us at the INT
  9. We will then write to all interested parties to confirm the details of the Isaac Newton Trusts's contribution.

The case you make to the Leverhulme Trust is, of course, entirely up to you, but the following notes may be helpful in deciding what length of extension you might reasonably ask for:

  • consider the actual time lost during that period (were you able to work part-time? or not at all?) and work out how many months of lost work this actually amounts to
  • this will be the work time lost up to the end of your fellowship, not the time needed to complete the work you had planned to do
  • if you had to take on significant caring duries due to school or nursery closures, you should make clear to the Leverhulme Trust that the loss of time was at least partly due to this cause.


The INT office is currently closed, but staff are continuing to work from home, so please contact us by email if you have any questions or comments.


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