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INT/Humboldt Foundation Feodor Lynen ECF costs - for departments

Humboldt Foundation Feodor Lynen Early Career Fellowships

Financial details for host department

The Humboldt Foundation’s offer letter sets out the monthly salary contributions expected from the Humboldt Foundation and the host institution, for example:

Feodor Lynen-Forschungsstipendium: Stipendienberechnung / Kontenblatt

Berechnung des monatlichen Stipendienbetrags:

Summe Stipendienhöhe*



Gastgeberbeitrag in EUR



Summe Stipendienzahlung durch die Humboldt-Stiftung*



*this sum may include contributions to family costs; if so, deduct these contributions to arrive at the basic salary.

a) Basic salary

In this example, the host’s expected contribution to basic salary is €940.80 per month. Convert this to GBP to give the basic monthly salary the Isaac Newton Trust is expected to contribute (at the current exchange rate, this is about £820 pcm).

b) ‘On-costs’

The salary paid by the Humboldt Foundation does not include on-costs, and the Fellow is responsible for deciding whether to make any contributions on that portion of his/her salary.

However, the portion paid by the Isaac Newton Trust DOES include the usual National Insurance and pension on-costs on the part of the salary paid by the INT, which in this example is approximately 28% of the basic salary.

So, in this example:

  • the basic salary on which on costs should be calculated as follows:

                          €3,305 = £2,864 x 12 = £34,368 pa total basic pay per annum

  • Looking this up in the University single salary scale (USS), this gives

                        c. £44,000 per annum with on-costs

  • The host contribution in this example is 28% of the whole salary including on costs

                         =  £12,320 per annum, or £1,025 per month

  • Multiply this monthly contribution by the number of months of the duration award to obtain the total required from the INT to provide a grant to cover this fellowship;
  • The salary payable to the Fellow from the INT’s grant is £820 per month

New office address

We have moved to the University's North West Cambridge Development and are delighted to be sharing office space with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at 105 Eddington Place, Cambridge CB3 1AS.  Our telephone numbers and other contact information have not changed.  

How to find us (see Postdoc Centre - we're sited in same building)

Forthcoming closing dates

Newton Trust Research Grants The 2017-18  timetable can be found here. Please note that we have new instructions for applicants -  see the Research Grants tab for details.

Cambridge Humanities Research Grants (CHRGs) 2017-18 Round 1 is now open - deadline 19 October.

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