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Isaac Newton Trust


1 Salaries

Most, if not all, post-doctoral research associates (RAs) supported by INT have University contracts.  INT will therefore align so far as possible with guidelines for working arrangements issued by the University

These include the following assurances:

  • RAs who cannot research full-time, or at all, due to the University shut-down or travel restrictions: the salary will continue as normal; (see also the 07 April statement by the University Council)
  • RAs who have taken on significant caring duties due to school or nursery closure: there is no expectation that they should go part-time to allow for this.

2 Lost research time 

This section is particularly relevant to grants ending in the next 3-6 months.  Bear in mind that the INT is rarely the only funder of a project, or even of an RA salary, so the INT is unlikely be able to rescue lost research on its own.  The INT’s approach is as follows:

  • INT will not hold you to the exact description of the research set out in your application and approved in our offer if the research cannot now be completed on time
  • INT is always willing to consider a no-cost extension to any grant
  • If the RA supported has secured alternative employment, (whether in a new post or on a new grant), by the end of the INT grant, INT will not normally consider an extension
  • If no such alternative employment exists, and the RA would otherwise be unemployed at the end of the grant period, the INT will consider an application for a short paid extension to compensate for lost or severely compromised research (note that the University is continuing to pay employees who are on grants ending in the shut-down period up to the end of July 2020).

Every situation will be different, so you should wait until you are clear about whether an extension is needed and the actual length required, then  email the Director, setting out the circumstances.  Applications will be considered by INT on a case-by-case basis.

3 INT offer confirmed but RA not yet recruited, or INT-funded project not yet started, or offer still unconfirmed

INT stands by these offers, but the start of the project or appointment should be deferred if it is not possible to undertake the project in a way which meets UK government guidelines on COVID-19.  INT will be happy to defer grants and/or to offer a no-cost extension to the end date of the funded period if required.

COVID-19: Message from Director

We are exploring with the University and other major funding partners (such as the Leverhulme Trust) what possibilities exist to support our grant holders through this period of exceptional difficulty.  

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