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Isaac Newton Trust


The Trustees and Officers wish all our Early Career Fellows well. We will do what we can to make sure that your Fellowship proceeds as normally as possible under these abnormal conditions. In general, you should follow guidance from the UK government and the University of Cambridge's Information for Students and Staff.

The INT will align so far as possible with University's policy on working arrangements and has been working with the Leverhulme Trust to agree our approach to support your salary and your research.

Leverhulme has published its latest update on the current health situation at:

First, about salaries:

  • Fellows who cannot research full-time, or at all, due to the University shut-down or travel restrictions: your salary will continue as now (this is in line with the University policy). 
  • If you have taken on significant caring duties due to school or nursery closures, there is NO expectation that you should go part-time to allow for this. You should ask Leverhulme about continuing to hold your award on a full-time basis during this period, making clear that the reason is school or nursery closure. (Leverhulme is in line with University policy here).

We believe the following will also pertain, but you should check with Leverhulme if in doubt:

  • Fellows who themselves become ill with COVID-19 should be able to take sick leave – speak to you Departmental Administrator about this in the first instance.
  • Fellows on statutory family leave for the whole period of the shut-down should not require special measures. 
  • If you have not yet started your LECF, you may ask Leverhulme about deferring your start.

But what about lost research time?  This is likely to be particularly relevant to Fellows in the final year of their award who do not have a new post to move to immediately at the end of the LECF.

  • Leverhulme is happy to provide no-cost extensions where appropriate.
  • Leverhulme is willing to consider an application for a paid extension to compensate for ‘lost or severely compromised’ research. 

How to apply for an extension

You should contact the Leverhulme Trust in the first instance and forward their response to the INT

  • The Leverhulme Trust ask that you make your application only when you are in a position to be clear about the length of the extension needed and the costs involved.
  • Applications will be considered by Leverhulme on a case-by-case basis. The decision on whether or not a paid extension is granted lies with the Leverhulme Trust and not with the Isaac Newton Trust.
  • If Leverhulme are willing to consider a paid extension, the INT is willing to provide a letter of support in which the INT agrees in principle to match a salary extension if granted by the Leverhulme Trust for up to 3 months in the first instance. You will be asked to send this letter to the Leverhulme Trust.
  • If a paid extension of more than 3 months is provisionally agreed by the Leverhulme Trust, INT will ask you for full details of your case and will consider matching this longer extension. 
  • If you are granted a paid extension of less than 3 months, then the Isaac Newton Trust would pay only for the time approved by the Leverhulme Trust.
  • The Isaac Newton Trust covers only a contribution to the salary element of your award and cannot provide funding for equipment or other resources required for working online or in locations other than your normal place of work.

When you have heard the final outcome of your application to the Leverhulme Trust, please send a copy of their decision to us at INT. We will then write to all parties to confirm the details of the Isaac Newton Trust’s contribution.

The INT office team is working from home, so please do not try to ring us and use email instead.

Sadly, we have had to postpone both the drinks party at the Trinity Master's Lodge and the Fellows' Summer Event, but we hope to be able to reschedule these in due course and will let you know as soon as we have any definite news.

Updated 12 May 2020


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We are exploring with the University and other major funding partners (such as the Leverhulme Trust) what possibilities exist to support our grant holders through this period of exceptional difficulty.  

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