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LECF - how it works

1.  Preliminary round - Nov-January - dates vary across departments (please contact the department to check)

(approx. 180 applications each year in Cambridge)

a)   Applicant reads the eligibility criteria at

b)   If eligible, (s)he approaches head of the Cambridge institution (Faculty, department, institute - see list of ranking units) in which (s)he intends to hold the award if successful to seek support

c)   If support is agreed, applicant applies to the head of institution by the deadline published by the institution

d)   The institution decides which of the applications it receives it is willing to support and ranks candidates in order of merit.

e)   Each institution may submit one or two (maximum of three for the largest units) applications to the next round.

2.         Application for matching funding from the Isaac Newton Trust - 16 January 2017

(approx. 80-90 applications are submitted to INT in this round each year)

a)    Institutions submit their chosen applications to the INT

b)    The INT organises a competition to decide which of the top-ranked applications can be offered matching funding in principle and informs the candidate and the intended institution; this is NOT an offer of a postdoctoral award but gives the candidate assurance that the matching funding will be found by the INT if (s)he is successful in the next round.

3.     Application to Leverhulme Trust - 02 March 2017

(about 50 can be supported by INT  in the national competition)

a)    Candidates selected at stage 2 apply to the Leverhulme Trust by the published Leverhulme deadline

b)    Leverhulme selects successful candidates from the national pool

4. Awards announced  - May 2017

(approx. 10-14 new awards at Cambridge annually)

 a)   INT  writes to successful applicants and departments to confirm matching funding is available.