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INT RGs - How they work

THIS PAGE WILL BE COMPLETELY REVISED IN APRIL 2017. However, information on these pages will remain valid for applications for up to £60k in support of a research project (or up to £30k for a bridging grant) and the Easter Term round will proceed as usual. But there will be no round for larger Strategic Grants this summer - potential applicants should contact the Director for advice.


Isaac Newton Research Grants: how they work

This page describes the application and assessment process for Isaac Newton Research Grants. 

Information about other awards can be found via the links in the overview.

1 Please read the eligibility guidelines, and detailed guidance about preparing the application.

2 If you are a PI, send your draft application to your Head of Department in the first instance, or if you are an IRC, to the PVC for research, by the deadline specified in the timetable.   This is normally three weeks before the  deadline for applications to the Trust. 

3 The Head of Department should complete the coversheet form and submit one copy of the draft application to the Trust, so that the Director can provide comment.   The purpose of this submission and comment is to check that the application is in the best shape for eventual scrutiny by Trustees and referees. Applications from PIs which are not evaluated in this way will not be accepted. The draft deadline is two weeks before the final deadline. 

4 The final application must follow as closely as possible the form of the draft application.  

5 All applications are sent for review by expert referees nominated both by the applicant and by the Trust. At least two of the Trustees also review each application in advance of the meeting.

6 Trustees consider the applications at one of the three meetings per annum

7 The Director informs candidates of the outcome within a few days of the meeting. Brief feedback is offered to unsuccessful applicants; the Trust does not release referee reports.

8 Formal offer letters are issued within two weeks; these normally have conditions attached. Once these conditions are met, the grant can be confirmed.

9 The Grant is set up and managed by the Research Support Manager for the relevant School at the Research Office.

10 A report is required at the end of the project, and sometimes beforehand. Reports are submitted to Trustees, and are consulted when an awardee makes a subsequent application. Repayment of all or part of the grant may be required by the Trust if the conditions attaching to the grant have not been fulfilled.

11 At the end of the grant, any unspent grant is returned to the Trust. The Trustees will not entertain requests for an increase in the amount of grants, which are for fixed sums.