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'Joint Schools' programmes

A major element of the Isaac Newton Trust's research funding is carried our in collaboration with the Schools and the Pro-Vice-Chancellors. We currently have three major 'Joint Schools' projects. 

Note that the application for these ‘joint Schools’ competitions is completely separate from the Isaac Newton Research Grants - you should apply direct to the relevant Schools’ competition (not to the INT):


FAQs - Research Grants for ‘Joint Schools’ applicants

Can I apply for a ‘joint Schools’ grant AND an ‘Isaac Newton Research Grant’?

Both are funded by INT, so you cannot apply for these ‘joint Schools’ grants AND for an Isaac Newton Research Grant for the same project, and would be unlikely to be funded by both routes if you present two different projects at the same time or in quick succession - you must declare any parallel application and all previous funding received from one type of scheme if you apply to the other with a different project,

If I am unsuccessful in the ‘joint Schools’ competition, can I subsequently apply to the Isaac Newton Trust for a research grant for the same project?

Only if you have been successful in securing external matching funding since you applied to the 'joint Schools' competition.

If I am successful in the ‘joint Schools’ competition, can I subsequently apply to the Isaac Newton Trust for a research grant for a different project? (or vice versa)

Yes, but you must declare all previous funding received from the other type of scheme if you subsequently apply with a different project.

Forthcoming closing dates

Newton Trust Research Grants The Easter Term 2017 round closes today 26 May.  Please note that we have new instructions for applicants -  see the Research Grants tab for details.


TLTFs & JRFs 2017

Time-Limited Teaching Fellowships 2017: Colleges' application deadline: Friday 23 June 2017

INT/College Junior Research Fellowships: Colleges' application deadline: Friday 30 June 2017 (NB the January round has been withdrawn, so this is now the only application round for these awards).

Details are circulated to eligible Colleges during April.

Trustees' meeting dates

Thursday 6 July 2017 at 3pm

Thursday 30 November 2017 at 4pm

Thursday 15 March 2018 at 4pm

Wednesday 4 July 2018 at 3pm

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