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How the LECF competition works at Cambridge

The LECF is a national competition for early career researchers, normally no more than 4 years after submitting their doctoral dissertation. The Leverhulme Trust determines the eligibility rules and sets the requirements for application materials – so you need to follow the instructions on the Leverhulme Trust’s website.  All queries not answered here should be addressed to the Leverhulme Trust.

Matching funding required

Leverhulme will provide 50% of the salary costs up to a limit of £26k per annum for 3 years, so the host institution has to find matching funds (and any shortfall from the actual costs). A letter guaranteeing the remainder of the salary costs is a requirement for entry to the national competition.

Matching funding at Cambridge

The Isaac Newton Trust undertakes to match the salary costs up to the limit set by the Leverhulme Trust for any full- or part-time candidate successful in the national competition. In order to identify which candidates can be supported with offers of matched funding, we hold an internal competition. INT typically makes about 50 offers of support in the event of success nationally.

It is possible to enter the national competition with offers of matching funding from a host lab or department and so bypass our internal competition; if a candidate supported in this way succeeds in the national competition, INT will expect the host to stand by their offer but INT may agree retrospectively to share some of the costs (see FAQs).

Note that the timetable has been brought forwards this year to enable decisions on matching funding to be made by New Year:
Leverhulme Trust announces new round:                                                          01 September 2023
Cambridge applicants apply to their host Cambridge department: by end October 2023
Cambridge host institutions select candidates for internal funding:             by 17 November 2023
Isaac Newton Trust announces recipients of offers of matched funding:    by end December 2023
Leverhulme Trust national competition opens:                                                 01 January 2024
Cambridge applicants with matching funds apply to Leverhulme Trust:      22 February 2024
Leverhulme Trust announces recipients of Fellowships                                   May 2024

Trustees' Meeting Dates

Thursday 21 November 2024

Thursday 20 March 2025

Thursday 10 July 2025


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