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Advertising & Recruiting the INT Junior Research Fellowship:

Where the Trust’s offer is conditional on the College raising sufficient funding to cover the remainder of the costs, the Fellowship may not be advertised before this condition has been met and full funding has been secured.

Posts should be filled in open competition on intellectual excellence, as usual. 

Colleges are free to set their own Fellowship stipend according to their general policy needs.  The Trust’s contribution is, however, fixed at £20,000 p.a. 

Fellowships will normally be advertised for three years’ tenure.

The advertisement should explain that the Fellow should be prepared to offer up to four hours’ teaching a week for the College, but that would not be a binding contractual agreement and teaching would be remunerated separately. The Trust appreciates that not all individual appointees might be able to offer regular teaching, and that some Fellows might wish, for research purposes, to spend a term or a year away from Cambridge. 

 The Trust strongly recommends that all Colleges offering INT College Research Fellowships with the ‘Churchill Group’ when recruiting for their JRF, and to agree, so far as possible, on the application materials to be submitted by candidates (especially the nature and length of research statements) and the form that references should take.

The INT also strongly recommends that you engage with the relevant University Faculty in the selection of your JRF.  Apart from providing a check on the quality of the selected person, the appointee would also benefit from a formal association with a cognate academic community.  You might find it useful to ask the relevant Head of Department for assurances about the facilities and resources being available to the top candidates of your JRF short-list.

The title ‘Isaac Newton’ or ‘Newton’ should appear in the advertisement as part of the title of the Fellowship. The Trust’s square wordmark should also be used where possible; please see our website for information about the Trust's logo and style guide.

Trustees' Meeting Dates

Thursday 11 July 2024

Thursday 21 November 2024

Thursday 13 March 2025


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