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The Trustees review their current programmes on an ongoing basis, as the need arises. In practice, this means that each category of grant will be reviewed at least once a year in terms of the terms of eligibility criteria, take-up and impact. Proposals for new programmes are considered in the light of the efficacy of current programmes; existing programmes may be brought to an end as other proposals emerge, or as the funding environment changes locally or nationally.

A foundation review was carried out 1995 and a subsequest review in 2008.  

Over the past few years, the Trustees have conducted a Strategic Review at least every three years.  

In 2016, on the appointment of a new Director, Trustees reviewed all their funding activities. The main outcome was a decision to reduce the holdings in investments to a level at which all current commitments could be covered if income ceased, through offering a new programme of larger Strategic Grants.

In 2019, Trustees reviewed the Trust’s finances and agreed to continue to offer major grants, but that new expenditure should gradually be brought into line with expected annual income.

In 2022, the staffing of the Trust is the focus for review, reflecting on the past six years and looking forward to the future.

Richards Review 1995

Oxburgh Review 2008

Review of funding priorities July 2019

Trustees' Meeting Dates

Thursday 21 November 2024

Thursday 20 March 2025

Thursday 10 July 2025


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