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Cambridge receives large numbers of applications across many subject areas. To select candidates for matching funds, we hold an internal competition with the following selection steps:


Candidates apply to their chosen host department at Cambridge

The deadline for applying is set by the host Faculty or Department but is likely to be by the end of October. You will need to contact your intended host for details – see list of Cambridge Host Institutions.

The application materials are the same as those required by the Leverhulme Trust, except that the internal competition requires applicants to complete an Internal Competition Coversheet, and, only two references are required.

Check the application process with your chosen host institution.


Host Departments each select up to 2 shortlisted candidates

Hosts submit their supported applications to the INT by 17 November 2023.


Subject panels select candidates to receive offers of INT matching funding

INT runs this step. We undertake to let candidates know by the end of December if we can offer them matching funding should they be successful in the national round. We typically make up to 50 offers in principle and usually have a short list of reserves - we will let reserves know if an offer comes available. We issue letters guaranteeing matched funds for inclusion in the national application. 


Selected candidates work with their host department to make the application to the national competition.

Deadline for national competition: 22 February 2024

***Please note earlier deadlines this year***

We have brought forward steps 2 & 3 this year to allow candidates who have also applied through other institutions (see FAQs) to make a free choice between an offer from Cambridge and from any other UK institution.

Trustees' Meeting Dates

Thursday 21 November 2024

Thursday 20 March 2025

Thursday 10 July 2025


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