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LECF 2018 national round

Candidates selected in the internal competition for INT matching funding will be informed by the INT no later than two-three weeks before the national Leverhulme deadline (01 March 2018)

You will be informed of your successful candidates at the same time and can then begin work with any successful candidates to prepare an application for submission to Leverhulme by 01 March 2018.  You will, in effect, be sponsoring the application and will receive direct communications from Leverhulme if successful.

We hope that the internal competition will provide a useful set of documents for the national competition.  Please note, however, that Leverhulme require the submission of a substantial additional set of information required from the host department/faculty/institute.

Setting the salary

Leverhume require you to submit, among other things, a statement of the STARTING SALARY of the candidate if successful.  Please note that:

Leverhulme require you to state a specified starting salary. You will therefore need to identify the relevant point on the University single spine based on applicant's age and experience. You should discuss this salary with the applicant before completing the Leverhulme's application so that there will be no surprises if the candidate is selected.

Please note that:

  •  the salary + on costs must fit within the Leverhulme + INT combined limit of £50,000 per annum for each of the three years of the award - salary cannot be rolled over from one year to the next;
  • if there is likely to be a shortfall between the cost of the salary (+ on costs) you agree to offer to the candidate and the maximum available from the sum of the awards of the two Trusts (ie £50,000 p.a.) in any year, you will be expected to find the difference from other sources;
  • the Isaac Newton  Trust does not provide research expenses as well as a contribution to the salary;
  • Leverhulme expect all candidates to have been through a university-level selection process before applying. However, a few departments have recently offered their own matching funding to candidates, so bypassing the internal competition. The INT does not encourage such applications and will expect any such commitments to be honoured in the event that the candidate is selected at the national level; applications to the INT for matching funding in retrospect will not be considered.


The Leverhulme Trust normally announces the results in May. If ‘your’ candidate is successful, the Leverhulme Trust will contact you (and the candidate), and will inform the Isaac Newton Trust.

If you have any queries about the process, please do not hesitate to contact the Director.

If your candidate is successful - managing LECF awards




Forthcoming closing dates

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships 2018 - successful candidates and reserves in the internal competition have now been informed (national deadline = 1 March 2018)

Newton Trust Research Grants (all categories)  - the Lent Term 2018 round is now closed. The July 2018  timetable can be found here.

Cambridge Humanities Research Grants (CHRGs) 2017-18 Lent Term round  is now OPEN - the deadline is 1 March 2018

Recent deadlines

College Teaching Officer Research Leave - the 2018 Round is now closed.

INT/Schools of Physical Sciences & Technology (start-up grants for new University Lecturers) - the 2018 round is now closed

INT/Wellcome Trust ISSF/Schools of Biological Sciences and Clinical Medicine (start-up grants for new University Lecturers and PIs) - the 2018 round is now closed

Trustees' meeting dates

Thursday 15 March 2018 at 4pm

Monday 2 July 2018 at 3pm

Thursday 29 November 2018 at 4pm

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