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Isaac Newton Trust


Application Process

Step 1:  Institution deadline: All applications are submitted through the applicant’s Head of Faculty/Department (Project, Emergency and Fellowship) or through the Chair of School/Pro Vice Chancellor (Strategic).

Step 2:  Submission of draft applications to the INT

Step 3:  Feedback from INT

Step 4:  Submission of final applications to INT (strictly applied at 5pm on the date shown)

Step 5:  INT takes up references

Step 6:  All decisions are made at Trustee meetings, which happen once a term on the dates given below. Applications cannot be considered between meetings.

Application Timetable

ROUNDS Michaelmas 2023 Lent 2024 Easter 2024
Strategic Grants   Preliminary Round Final Round
Research Project Grants Yes    
Emergency Grants Yes Yes Yes
Fellowship Support Grants Yes Yes Yes
Submission of draft applications to Head of Department/Faculty/School 22-Sep-23 05-Jan-24 19-Apr-24
Deadline for submission of draft e-applications to INT 29-Sep-23 12-Jan-24 28-Apr-24
Deadline for submission of FINAL e-applications to INT 13-Oct-23 26-Jan-24 12-May-24
Trustees' Award Meeting 23-Nov-23 14-Mar-24 11-Jul-24
Notification of Outcome                                     30-Nov-23 21-Mar-24 18-Jul-24


Application Format

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Trustees' Meeting Dates

Thursday 23 November 2023

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Thursday 11 July 2024


Information about INT