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Conditions and Payment Arrangements


  1. the College can demonstrate that the Research Fellowship cannot otherwise be afforded (the Trust does not offer partial funding for an existing Fellowship that a College has routinely funded in full from general endowment);
  2. the College has either secured sufficient funding to supply the rest of the cost or it will use the Trust’s offer to seed fundraising efforts for the remainder of the costs (in the latter case, the Trust’s offer will be conditional on the College providing evidence of matching funding having been secured before the JRF can be advertised; if this condition is not met within two years of the date of the Trust’s offer, the offer will lapse);
  3. the Fellowship should not be tied to specific subjects (the purpose of the Fellowship is primarily to provide a research opportunity for the Fellow rather than to fill teaching needs of the College, so Trust Funds tied to specific subjects will not be suitable matching funding if this would restrict the field of the Fellowship);   
  4. the Research Fellow will normally teach for up to four hours per week while in Cambridge,
  5. the teaching arrangement would not be a binding contractual agreement and would be remunerated separately - please note that the INT does not help with supervision payments (see ‘College Eligibility’ concerning those Colleges with limited or no requirement for undergraduate teaching);
  6. if the Fellow leaves before the end of his/her tenure, the College should inform the Trust immediately; the Trust will reclaim unused contributions pro rata;
  7. any variation sought in the usual terms and conditions (eg parental leave) should be discussed at the earliest opportunity with the Director;
  8. a final report is required at the end of the grant and any unspent INT grant returned to the Trust;
  9. each eligible College may receive INT financial support for one Research Fellowship at any one time (ie once a fellowship has been awarded, the College will not be eligible for a second award till the present holder has reached the end of his/her tenure, or left the post).
  10. ‘Isaac Newton’ or ‘Newton’ should appear in the title of the Fellowship; the Trust has no objection to another name (e.g. of a donor) also appearing in the title to indicate a joint award.

Payment Arrangements:

The College should inform the Trust as soon as possible when any condition of matching funding has been met.

The College should inform the Trust when an appointment has been made and a provide a copy of the c.v. of the selected candidate.

Once the Fellow has taken up the post, the College should send to the Trust a formal invoice for payment of the first annual contribution.  Only one payment can be made in each financial year, so each subsequent invoice should be sent after 31 October annually.

If a Fellow leaves part-way through an academic year, the Trust will seek a refund of the unused portion of the award pro rata, in the usual way.


Cambridge Climate Lecture Series

begins 23 February 2017 - live-streaming of CCLS is supported by INT.

Forthcoming closing dates

Newton Trust Research Grants The deadline for submitting draft applications for the Lent Term 2017 round has now passed; the next round will open in early May 2017 for decisions in early July.


Trustees' meeting dates

Thursday 6 July 2017 at 3pm

Thursday 30 November 2017 at 4pm

Thursday 15 March 2018 at 4pm

Wednesday 4 July 2018 at 3pm