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A major element of the Isaac Newton Trust's research funding is carried out in collaboration with the Schools; these are our 'Joint Schools' programmes. 

All elements of these programmes (applications, selection, grant management) are managed by the Schools concerned and not by the INT, so if you wish to apply, or have any questions, you need to follow the links below rather than contact the INT:

Joint Schools’  FAQs

Can I apply for a ‘Joint Schools’ grant AND an ‘Isaac Newton Research Grant’?

No, not for the same project. Both are funded by INT, so you cannot apply for these ‘joint Schools’ grants AND for an Isaac Newton Research Grant for the same project.  It is possible to be funded by both routes if you present two different projects, but not usually at the same time or in quick succession.  You must declare any application you are making to the other programme and all previous funding received from that source if you apply to both programmes with different projects.

If I am unsuccessful in the ‘Joint Schools’ competition, can I subsequently apply to the Isaac Newton Trust for a research grant for the same project?

Not normally.  However, if you have been successful in securing external matching funding since you applied to the 'Joint Schools' competition, contact the Trust for advice.

If I am successful in the ‘Joint Schools’ competition, can I subsequently apply to the Isaac Newton Trust for a research grant for a different project? (or vice versa)

Yes, but you must declare all previous funding received from the other type of scheme if you subsequently apply with a different project.

INT Funding Rounds

Research Grants including Emergencies

Lent Term 2023 Round Application Deadlines

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships 2023

University's Research Operations Office Deadlines:  16 or 21 February 2023. 

Make sure that you check with your Department's Research Grant Administration about internal deadlines well in advance of the Leverhulme Trust's final deadline.

Leverhulme Trust Final Application Deadline:  23 February 2023, 4pm

Candidates notified by the Leverhulme Trust:  May 2023.

For Colleges

Widening Participation & Induction Fund

Deadline for College Applications:  5pm on Wednesday 1 February 2023

Trustees' Meeting Dates

Tuesday 14 March 2023

Wednesday 5 July 2023

Thursday 23 November 2023

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