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Isaac Newton Trust


The Isaac Newton Trust supports applications from holders of 18-month SNSF Early Mobility Awards in Cambridge who wish to seek institutional support for an extension to complete the project within a total of 2 years. Normally, if progress is good and a strong case is made for a 2-year timetable for completion of the work, the Trust is happy to grant an extension.

How to apply

There is no specific deadline for applications, which can be considered at any time during the academic year, but you should apply no earlier than 6 months after you start your SNSF award and no later than 3 months before the end of your existing SNSF award. This is to enable your host PI to write a reference attesting to your progress while in Cambridge and the desirability of extending the award to 2 years.

Please send the following as a single pdf with the documents in this order to :

  • A letter from you stating your Cambridge host department and PI, and the start and end dates of the intended extension;
  • A copy of the award letter from SNSF stating the amount, start date and duration of your early mobility award;
  • A statement of your research programme, including a timetable for completion of the project within the timescale of the award (including the  planned extension) : no more than 3 sides of A4 in total.

Please also ask your Cambridge host PI to send a letter of reference  separately to the Director, commenting on your progress while engaged in the mobility scheme and making clear specifically why the extension is needed in terms of the completion of the project and your academic career.

What we offer

We will match the salary granted by the SNSF for 6 months. We also make National Insurance and pension contributions on our 6-month grant because the University of Cambridge will effectively be your employer during that period.

We do not offer any contribution to research costs.