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Michaelmas Term

INT writes to all Colleges in early Michaelmas Term inviting Colleges to consider whether they wish to make partnerships with a Faculty or Departments in the Art, Humanities or Social Sciences (interpreted broadly, for example, to include Human Geography).

At the same time, INT writes to the Schools of Arts & Humanities and Humanities & Social Sciences and asks them to invite interest from their Faculties and Departments.  SHSS may decide at that stage to support one or more subject with the required 30% contribution; other subjects may need to rely on trust funds or fund-raising to find the required contribution.

Colleges and subjects interested in making partnerships should contact the Director at the earliest opportunity.

Lent Term

Partnerships should be agreed as soon as possible in Lent Term and no later than the end of February for consideration by the INT in early March. In the event that more partnerships are proposed than there is funding available, the Trustees will decide which to prioritise. Approved partnerships will then proceed to draw up an MOU.

Easter Term

Partners agree on the procedure and timetable for recruitment for appointments to begin in Sept/Oct of that year.


ACDF supplementary support for eligible Colleges

In addition to the INT’s own contribution to the ACDF, the Trustees will consider providing a supplementary award to cover all or part of the College’s 30% contribution less the cost of 80 hours p.a. supervision at the hourly rate, if a suitable case for extra support is made.

Note that stipendiary INT JRFs and ACDF supplements are alternative ways of supporting AHSS subjects College: a College may have an ACDF, but not with an ADCF supplement, while it also has a Stipendiary INT JRF in post. Tables showing the possible relationship between ACDF and JRF awards can be found here.

Trustees' Meeting Dates

Thursday 11 July 2024

Thursday 21 November 2024

Thursday 13 March 2025


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