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Name Research Subject Department
Konstantin Barylyuk  Mapping subcellular localisation of proteins in a model apicomplexan parasite Toxoplasma gondii with a spatial proteomics technology LOPIT. Biochemistry
Anjali Bhardwaj-Datta A novel history of Delhi and the feminisation and commercialisation of its urban space Politics & International Studies
Jeongmin Choi Decoding an ancient plant-microbe dialogue: the signaling role of DWARF 14 LIKE (D14L) protein in arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis of rice Plant Sciences
Remco Heesen Social epistemology of science Philosophy
Alison Knight Stranger Churches: Hate Speech and Religious Refugees in Early Modern England CRASSH
Guillaume Schweicher Organic semiconductors to enable a new electronics Physics
Claudia Tobin The conjunction between colour and writing English
Banu Turnaoglu The Political Thought and Global Intellectual History of the Eastern Question  Politics & International Studies
Darryl Wilkinson The Material Culture of Anarchism.  The Archaeology of Religion. Archaeology & Anthropology

COVID-19: Message from Director

We are exploring with the University and other major funding partners (such as the Leverhulme Trust) what possibilities exist to support our grant holders through this period of exceptional difficulty.  

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