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The INT congratulates:

Emma Liu (2017-18 cohort and winner of the audience vote at the INT Fellows' Day 2019), who has transferred her LECF to UCL, where she is now Lecturer in Volcanology.

Noa Zilberman  (2016-17 cohort), who has taken up the post of Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford and a Fellow and Tutor in Engineering at Somerville College

Duygu Dikicioglu (2016-17 cohort and winner of the audience vote at the INT Fellows Day 2018) on her appointment to an Associate Professorship in the Department of Biochemical Engineering at University College London

LECFs are invited to send us their news of appointments and successes.

Our current Leverhulme ECFs are listed by cohort below:

2019-20 cohort

2018-19 cohort

2017-18 cohort

2016-17 cohort

2015-16 cohort