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Isaac Newton Trust


Postgraduate Students

The Trust does not itself offer postgraduate studentships and does NOT provide support for research costs of PhD students.

However, the Trust is proud to support the AHRC Doctoral Training Partnerships by providing additional studentships to increase the size of the cohorts studying at Cambridge.

The administration of INT's former MPhil Bursaries Scheme has been transferred to the Cambridge Trust, which continues to support funding for masters' students in conjunction with the Postgraduate Admissions Office

Information of the range of studentships and bursaries for postgraduate students provided by the University and the Cambridge Trusts can be found via the Postgraduate Admissions Office.


Undergraduate Students

For some years the Isaac Newton Trust was a major contributor to the cost of (and administrator for) the Cambridge Bursary Schemes for undergraduates, in partnership with the University and colleges. These bursaries provide support to nearly 3000 undergraduate students every year, on a sliding scale depending on their household income.

The Isaac Newton Trust passed the administration for these programmes over to the Student Registry in 2015 and no longer contributes financially.

All queries should therefore be directed to the:  Cambridge Bursary Scheme.

Trustees' Meeting Dates

Thursday 11 July 2024

Thursday 21 November 2024

Thursday 13 March 2025


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