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Required documentation for a complete application

Please adhere closely to the format and maximum lengths requested and assemble your application in this order.


Follow the links to access the questionnaire, coversheet and explanatory notes. 

Emergency Grants,

Project Grants,

*Equipment Grants

Strategic Research Programmes & Projects

– preliminary round

INT Coversheet & Consent Form



Academic case 

Up to 3 x A4  minimum 10pt 

One side of A4 minimum 10pt

Relevant citations

Up to 1 x A4


 Financial summary

 Summary table + up to 1 x A4 explanation

 Summary table + up to 1 x  A4 explanation

Institutional support

Head of Institution questionnaire (or for IRCs, PVC letter) - needed at DRAFT stage

Chair(s) of School(s) and/or PVC letter - not essential at draft stage, but required for submission of final version

cv(s) of PI and named RA(s)

No more than 3 sides of  A4 each


*In addition, an application for equipment that is not specifically tied to a single project will require an Access Plan.


Please do not send any references with your application. The Head of Department/Chair of School as appropriate should provide the names and contact details of suitable referees as set out in the details relating to each type of grant, and the INT will contact the Referees direct:

Project Grants 4 referees, none of whom from the applicant's department
Emergency Grants as Project Grants
Equipment Grants associated with a specific research project as Project Grants
Equipment Grants for shared use across projects none required
Strategic Grants associated with a specific research project as Project Grant for Preliminary round; additional two external referees needed if invited to submit full application for Final round (Lent Term)
Strategic Grants not associated with a specific research project (eg for set-up costs for a new institute; support for a cohort of interdisciplinary researchers) varies; consult Director (but may be as for Project Grant in Preliminary round; no additional referees required for Final (Lent) round)