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Each College allocated funding must report back to the INT with an evaluation of the project that has been supported. This should include an assessment of how others may learn from their experience, including an account of what worked and what did not. This report may be shared with other Colleges, as well as others in the wider University engaged in outreach and induction work who may wish to undertake similar projects in future. Collecting and sharing these reports among those involved in widening participation work in the Collegiate University is an important purpose of the Fund.  Please include a financial statement which shows what costs were covered by the grant.  Any funds that are not used should be returned to INT at the end of the grant.

Submission of a final report is a prerequisite for eligibility for future grants under the WPIF Programme.


Trustees' Meeting Dates

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Thursday 11 July 2024

Thursday 21 November 2024