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Support for early career researchers on projects badly affected by COVID-19

The support of early career researchers through the COVID crisis is one of the INT’s current priorities, enabled by a generous intervention from Trinity College. The Trustees will view sympathetically applications for the support of postdocs whose work or employment has been severely impacted by COVID.

If your research project is coming to an end and has been severely disrupted by COVID restrictions or illness, and if you are employing a postdoc on the project who would be unemployed at the current end date, you might apply for an Emergency Grant, equivalent to the time lost, in the normal INT Research Grant competition, which runs each Term.  Please make clear on the coversheet that the application is occasioned by COVID and frame your application to concentrate as much on the career support of the individual researcher as on the wish to complete the project.

Compensation for lost research time/PDRA support

If you feel you have a strong case for a paid extension for a PDRA employed on your INT grant who has been unable to work for a major part of your award and who needs a bridge to get him or her to the start of a new grant or appointment, you may apply for an Emergency Grant - in INT's termly rounds.

No-cost Extension/Grant Deferral

The following possibilities are still available on request to all INT grant holders affected by the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • No-cost extension to an existing grant 
  • Deferral of the start date of a new award


Trustees' Meeting Dates

Thursday 11 July 2024

Thursday 21 November 2024

Thursday 13 March 2025


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