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In exceptional circumstances, the Trustees may consider an application for support for a large, institutional, perhaps interdisciplinary, programme of strategic value to the University for the promotion of education or research. This would normally be in response to the possibility of securing a major grant from an external funding body. In the period 2016-19, the Trust was able to support a larger number of major grants by mobilising excess reserves, but these have now been used up.  

Examples of the Trust’s recent Strategic Grants:

Our earlier Strategic Grants include support for major research centres such as the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences and CRASSH.

The Trustees have now set a total annual budget of up to £500m for Strategic Grants. They will fund no more than one or perhaps two projects per annum and reserve the right not to make any awards in any given year.

How to apply

*If you are considering making an application in this category please contact the Director in the first instance.*

An approach may be made by Heads of Department/Faculty/Institute, Chairs of Schools, the Pro-Vice-Chancellors (individually or in combination as appropriate) for large, institutional, perhaps interdisciplinary, programmes or projects of strategic value to the University for the promotion of education or research.

Please note that

  • the Trust can sometimes be of help when an institutional contribution is required to help to secure external funding; but
  • given our modest resources, the Trust cannot normally be the primary provider of matching funds and other internal and external sources should be thoroughly investigated before turning to the Trust;
  • the Trust is unable to assist with contributions to endowments.

There is one round annually, with two stages:

  1. Preliminary applications should be submitted to the Director no later than three weeks before the March meeting of Trustees; this should follow the basic format of a Research Grants application, but only two sides of A4 are needed for the academic case, and no referees are needed at this stage. The Head of Department's form should be replaced by a letter from the supporting Pro-Vice Chancellor or Chair of School.
  2. Applicants whose cases are selected in the preliminary round will be invited to submit a full application in June for a decision at the July meeting.

INT Funding Rounds

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships 2022:

Leverhulme Trust Final Application Deadline: 24 February 2022, 4pm

Candidates notified by the Leverhulme Trust:  May 2022

INT Emergency & Strategic Grants Lent Term 2022:

Emergency & Fellowship Support FINAL Application Deadline:  28 January 2022

Strategic Preliminary Round Application Deadline:  18 February 2022

Trustees' Meeting Dates

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Thursday 7 July 2022

Thursday 24 November 2022

Our Awards

The Trust has provided support for research projects across the University, as well as making major interventions to enable strategic projects that offer considerable long-term benefit to the University since 1988.

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