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There is one round per annum, with a  preliminary round in Michaelmas Term; the 2018-19 round is now closed. 

  • To enable large, institutional, perhaps interdisciplinary, programmes and projects of strategic value for the promotion of education or research in the University;
  • these grants may be used to help to secure external funding where matching institutional funds are required (but please note that, given our modest resources, the Trust cannot normally be the primary provider of matching funds and other internal and external sources should be thoroughly investigated before turning to the Trust)

Applications may be for the support of individual research projects, for postdoctoral fellowships associated with multi-year programmes, for starting-up costs of new institutions/programmes etc. Examples of the Trust’s current and recent activities that might fall into this category:

Who can apply

  • Heads of Department/Faculty/Institute, Chairs of Schools , the Pro-Vice-Chancellors (individually or in combination as appropriate)
  • All strategic applications should be accompanied by a letter from the relevant Chair(s) of School and/or Pro-Vice-Chancellor confirming the strategic value of the application to the institution.

What we are looking for

  • Strategically important projects with strong institutional support from Chair(s) of School and/or the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research
  • Where the application is for a research project in a single research area, the quality and vision of the project is important (at least one external referee should be proposed for such applications and relevant citations and cvs of researchers provided, as for a Project Grant).

What we will support

  • Up to 50% of the cost of a project to no more than £1,000,000 in total; where the application is likely to be of strategic importance to the University, evidence of University support, normally in the form of a financial contribution (preferably matching the sum sought from the Trust) would be expected
  • No more than 5 years duration
  • Contributions to RA/research fellow salaries no higher than pt 43 on the single spine
  • Some administrative costs in certain circumstances (ask)
  • Modest contributions to necessary consumables, travel and/or equipment (see also Equipment grants).

Comparative Table

How to apply for a Strategic Research Programme / Project Grant

Applicants considering making an application in this category are asked to contact the Director in the first instance.

Please note that the process for these grants involves a preliminary round in Michaelmas Term; selected applications will be asked top prepare a full application for a decision in the Lent Term. Details of the format required for the preliminary round can be found here: How to apply .

The timetable is as for our standard Research Grants.