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Projects eligible to receive support through the WPIF are those targeted at prospective and incoming undergraduate students of 'home fees status' who are under-represented in UK higher education, particularly at the University of Cambridge.

Such projects might, for instance, be for

  • developing subject interests at younger age ranges including those students at primary schools;
  • encouraging applications among Year 12 students to Cambridge or other leading universities;
  • working with offer-holders and incoming students who can be helped further in building up their subject knowledge or study skills beyond existing provision at school level in preparation for university study.

Student Travel Costs

INT’s WPIF Sub-Committee recognise that the cost of travel to outreach events can be a factor for some potential participants.  We feel it is important to diversify the field of attendees at events, to attract more students from regions currently under-represented at Cambridge and to enable those students with serious financial concerns to benefit from the opportunities offered by Cambridge Colleges. 

We have therefore agreed to extend the scope of the WPI Fund to encourage colleges to apply for support for student travel to outreach events.  Where funds are limited, priority may be given to projects with the intention of encouraging applicants who might not otherwise consider Cambridge;  this would include providing support to the most disadvantaged students from College Link Areas ahead of University Open Days.

Applications can be made solely for support with travel costs or these can be included as a part of the costs for a WPIF project.

Priority will be given to well-costed proposals that are innovative and specifically address educational disadvantages that have been exacerbated by the COVID pandemic, but other proposals may also be considered for funding.

WPIF grants may be used:

  • for partial salary costs;
  • student travel costs to outreach events;
  • for the creation of lasting resources, such as websites or equipment;
  • direct student contact activities, such as residential events;
  • projects for primary school pupils.

WPIF grants cannot be used:

  • to provide additional bursaries or scholarships, which are already covered under the Cambridge Bursary Scheme; 
  • to buy out the time of existing Admissions/Schools' Liaison staff;
  • for core University business;
  • for teaching for the Foundation Year, which is already fully funded.

It is not intended that the Fund should be used to replace funds already committed by a College to an activity; such applications may be given a low priority.

For further information on the WPIF, please contact

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