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Grants of up to £30k in total for no more than 3 years’ duration

Three calls per annum, Michaelmas, Lent and Easter Terms


INT supports Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships and Humboldt Foundation Feodor Lynen Fellowships under a separate programme - see Early Career Fellowships.

For other external, competitively-awarded Early Career Fellowships for tenure in the University of Cambridge, Fellowship Support Grants may provide:

  • salary support where the Early Career Fellowship does not cover the whole salary, to bring the salary up to the minimum PDRA salary (ie pt 41) Applicants must be clear about the net salary they are receiving from the other funder and whether or not National Insurance or pension contributions are being made. The INT will consult with the host department about any contribution to these on-costs that might be appropriate.
  • a contribution to consumables where an external fellowship (as above) explicitly excludes such provision (NB:  INT does not cover bench fees)

Note that the INT will not replace funds:

  • already promised by host department as part of the application to the external funder;
  • implicitly included in a Department’s acceptance of a College JRF (Trustees expect that the College will have assured themselves that the resources are available to allow the JRF to conduct their research in Cambridge);
  • that must, under terms agreed by the University, be met by the Department.

Who can apply

Departmental host PIs may apply on the behalf of early-career researchers who either

  • hold an offer of an externally funded, competitively-awarded Early Career Fellowship for which the salary offered falls short of the University’s basic salary, or for which a modest contribution to consumables costs is required (but not bench fees) – and these costs cannot be provided by the host institution; or
  • are applying for such a fellowship and need evidence of contributory funds as above.

How to apply

NB for INT support for Leverhulme ECFs and Humboldt Feodor Lynen ECFs, please see Early Career Fellowships.



Trustees' Meeting Dates

Thursday 21 November 2024

Thursday 20 March 2025

Thursday 10 July 2025


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