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Isaac Newton Trust



Chairman, Treasurer, Director, Mrs Jennifer Brook (2017)

Newton Trust Teaching Fellowships (Time-Limited)

Professor Evan (2013), Professor Strathern (2012), Director.

CTO Matters

Professor Kelly (2017), Professor Smith (2013), Professor Strathern (2013), Professor Langton (2018), Professor Christopher Young (2013), Professor Nicolette Zeeman (2017), Director.

Newton Trust /College Research Fellowships (JRFs)

Professor Colvin (2017), Professor Smith (2017), Professor Langton (2018), Director.

Research Grants in Biology and Medicine

Prof Thomas (Chair); Prof Baulcombe, Prof Trevor Robbins (School of Biological Sciences, 2017); Prof Tony Green, Prof Patrick Chinnery (School of Clinical Medicine, 2017); Director.