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Isaac Newton Trust



Chairman, Treasurer, Director; Mrs Jennifer Brook (2017)

CTO Matters

Professor Kelly (2017), Professor Marenbon (2019), Professor Langton (2018), Professor Smith (2013); Professor Nicolette Zeeman (2017); Director.

Newton Trust /College Research Fellowships (JRFs)

Professor Gelsthorpe (2019), Professor Kelly (2017), Professor Langton (2018), Professor Smith (2017), Director.

Research Grants in Biology and Medicine

Professor Thomas (Chair); Professor Baulcombe; Professor Patrick Chinnery, Prof Tony Green (School of Clinical Medicine, 2017); Professor Trevor Robbins (School of Biological Sciences, 2017); Director.

COVID-19: Message from Director

We are exploring with the University and other major funding partners (such as the Leverhulme Trust) what possibilities exist to support our grant holders through this period of exceptional difficulty.  

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