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Do not use type smaller than 10pt. Trustees need to be able to read the application easily.

There is a strict length limit: up to 3 sides of A4 (except for Strategic grant applications)

The Trustees are aware that such brevity inevitably means that you will not be able to go into the sort of detail expected in other funding applications; this is sometimes commented on by referees, but we will make them aware of the reasons for this.

Trustees appreciate a clear, strongly-structured proposal; use subheadings and numbering/bullet points as needed to aid clarity.

There is no format to follow but you might find the following suggestions helpful for structuring your content:

  • The intellectual significance of the proposal (introductory context setting)
  • A clear statement of what you intend to achieve
  • An outline timetable of the stages of the project and why it is feasible in the time available
  • The techniques to be employed
  • The names of personnel to be involved where these are already known, with a summary of appropriate information about them, including comments on their relevant expertise
  • For applications involving research staff, please include a statement regarding the support provided by the PI and Department for the individual's career development
  • An indication of the form(s) that the final output(s) will take
  • Describe future proposals and funding streams to which the project might lead if successful - this is particularly important when making an application for pump-priming/bridging support.
  • Any commercial aspects of the work, including those pertaining to intellectual property
  • Where appropriate, ethical approvals obtained or to be sought in relation to the project, including details, if necessary, of Home Office Licences

For Emergency Grants

Please include a clear statement of all or any of the following, as relevant:

  • the importance to the project or group of retaining a particular RA
  • the importance of continuity to the RA’s career development and prospects
  • clear plan and time-scale for obtaining further funding for the project and/or RA. 
  • If future funding has not yet been secured, how the project/employment can be brought to a satisfactory conclusion if the intended further funding is not secured.


Trustees' Meeting Dates

Thursday 11 July 2024

Thursday 21 November 2024

Thursday 13 March 2025


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