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We welcome our 2022-23 cohort!

Name Research Subject Department
Dr Thomas Albrow-Owen

 Nanostructured, computation-driven devices for spectral sensing and imaging

Dr Nathan Cofnas The Biological Basis of Moral Norms Philosophy
Dr Alexander Gillett The physics of high spin states in organic solar cells Physics
Dr Hooi May Hen-Smith Sociology of Law Law
Dr Lloyd (Meadhbh) Houston Early Twentieth-Century Literary Culture and the Medicalization of Sex: Sex Beyond Modernism English
Dr Anne Janssen Patching up the nucleus: new proteins safeguarding nuclear integrity Pharmacology
Dr Simon Kahmann Hybrid nanostructures for chiral optoelectronics – polarising communication Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology
Dr Michael Loy Cargo and conflict: Aegean networks after the Persian Wars Classics
Dr Samuel Lunn-Rockliffe The Contemporary Archaeology of Agricultural Innovation in Elgeyo Marakwet, Kenya Archaeology
Dr GyuChul Myeong Chemo-dynamical Galactic Archaeology in the Era of Gaia and Large Surveys Astronomy
Dr Guillermo Najera Mechanical signals driving self-renewal in gastruloids Genetics
Dr Farhana Rahman Rohingya Refugees: Gendered Subjectivities in Camps and Cities Politics & International Studies
Dr Avital Rom The Politics of Hearing in Ancient China Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
Dr Lin Su Wiring biohybrids for solar powered microbial electrosynthesis Chemistry
Dr Zoltan Taracsak Deep mantle carbon heterogeneity through the lens of ocean island volcanism Earth Sciences

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