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a)  Research Grants

Applicants for these grants should submit their applications to their Head of Department (or equivalent) by the application deadline (about three weeks before the final deadline).

Departments are asked to:

  • assess the strategic importance of each application
  • rank the applications against any others they may have submitted to the Trust in the last two years

A pro-forma questionnaire for the Head of the Department or other institution  should be completed for this purpose

b)  Strategic Research Programmes & Projects

  • Applicants should submit their draft application to the Chair(s) of the relevant School(s)
  • If the project is interdisciplinary, each School involved should provide a supporting letter, or the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research if more appropriate.

There is no pro-forma for institutional support; the letter setting out the strategic value of the project is sufficient.

If it is not possible to obtain institutional support prior to the submission of a draft application for a Strategic grant, we will accept your application without it, but you will need to obtain this letter prior and submit it to us prior to the final application deadline.