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Isaac Newton Trust


All applicants are asked to provide the following as part of their application

i)    A completed Financial Summary Table which should match your X5 costing (check with your Research Grant Administrator about this)

ii)    Explanatory notes to support the table (no more than one side of A4)

i)  Financial Summary Table

This is a tabular summary showing (in pounds sterling) the year on year costs of the project plus a breakdown of:

  • the sum requested from the Trust (NB The Trust does not pay overheads on any of its grants) and
  • the sum to be supplied from each other funding source (which should be named) 

If you are seeking funding for the costs of an RA's salary which exceeds Salary Scale Point 44, you will need to explain exactly where you expect to find the additional financial support to make up the difference of the costs associated with Point 44 and the Point at which the RA will be recruited.

It is not essential that the sum requested from the Trust is exactly 50% of the allowable costs – if you have more funding from external sources then the sum requested from the Trust could be less.

For allowable costs, see notes on relevant grant categories.

Specify the date on which you wish the grant to start (ie when Year 1 is expected to start)

See example of a Financial Summary Table - the coloured rows are for clarity and emphasis only - don't feel you have to emulate them in your table.

ii)  Explanation of the project's finances

  • Specify sources of matching funding already in place and/or those yet to be approached
  • Specify which elements  of the total cost are to be secured from elsewhere
  • Explain which parts of the project the Trust is being asked to fund
  • If public money is available for the same purpose, explain why a grant is sought from the Newton Trust
  • Describe future proposals and funding streams to which the project might lead if successful - this is particularly important when making an application for pump-priming/bridging support.
  • Bridging v underwriting: The Isaac Newton Trust expects there to be a definite end point, in the form of another grant, to the period of funding you are seeking from the Trust. Our grant might be needed to bridge the project or RA over to the start of a new grant, and/or to underwrite a short period in the event that your other grant applications are unsuccessful.  You must inform the INT right away if you succeed in obtaining a replacement grant and any funding offered by us as a bridge or for underwriting, but which is no longer needed, must be returned to the Trust.  We therefore need to know whether you need a bridge, or underwriting, or a period of each in your application and the exact dates when these periods would begin and end.

COVID-19: Message from Director

We are exploring with the University and other major funding partners (such as the Leverhulme Trust) what possibilities exist to support our grant holders through this period of exceptional difficulty.  

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