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All applicants are asked to provide the following:

  • completed Financial Summary Table,
  • explanatory notes - a narrative giving details of any items appearing in the table that require further explanation eg salary, other grants obtained (no more than one side of A4),

Financial Summary Table

This is a tabular summary showing (in pounds sterling) for each year of the award:

  • total costs of the project broken down into salary and research costs;
  • of these costs, the sum requested from the Trust
  • and the sum(s) to be supplied from each other funding source (which should be named) 

A blank template can be found here; adapt this according to your needs (see Notes below).

Notes on filling in the table

The figures should match your X5 costing (check with your Research Grant Administrator about this). A worked example can be found here.

Matching funding

INT expects that, in almost all cases, the applicant will have obtained, applied for, or be applying for, funding to meet some of the costs of the project or employment. In most cases, it is hoped that these other sources will provide at least half of the cost.

INT particularly welcomes

  • external funding that provides the majority of the cost of the project
  • any contributions that can be made by the host PI or department.

For Emergency Grants, Trustees are willing to relax the ‘matched-funding’ expectation and may agree to provide up to the full cost, within the stated INT funding limit, in exceptional cases.

Start date = state when you want the INT grant to start – please give the first day of a month

Year(s) = count Year 1 from whenever the grant starts (ie not a financial year). If the grant sought is for one year or less, delete the spare ‘Year 2’) column; if it is for more than 2 years, add other column(s) as needed.

Salary =  See our FAQs on costing salaries 

  • use a separate line in each section for each post for which you seek support
  • salary scale point at which the PDRA will be appointed – this should be between 41 and 44, the INT cap on PDRA salaries. This applies even if the PDRA is to be appointed part-time. If you wish to appoint a named PDRA at a point above 44, you will need to explain in the supporting notes where you expect to find the additional financial support to make up the difference between pt 44 and the actual of the salary costs.
  • Duration of the appointment in months
  • % FTE of the appointment
  • Total salary + on-costs in each year at the rates set out above and overall cost
  • NB INT does not pay overheads nor Apprenticeship Levy on any grant

Other costs = use a separate line for each major category of other costs eg ‘travel’. ‘equipment’

  • If requesting equipment, append a quote to the application

Apportioning the costs to funders

Divide the total costs between the INT, bearing in mind the maximum available, and other funders from which you have sought or have obtained funding. Name these funding bodies and explain further in the notes, giving the dates when these grants are available.


Trustees' Meeting Dates

Thursday 11 July 2024

Thursday 21 November 2024

Thursday 13 March 2025


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